Free from caffeine, but full of coke!

Our popular tangy PEZ Cola candies are caffeine-free and therefore ideal for children.


Like all PEZ candies, these too are vegan, gluten- and lactose-free and contain no artificial colours.

Männchen Cola

We believe what's inside counts

Nutritional values

PEZ Candy - Cola

Energy:1.669 kJ / 392 kcal (100 g), 144 kJ / 33 kcal (8,5 gg)
Fat:1,4 g (100 g), 0,1 g (8,5 gg)
    of which saturates:1,4 g (100 g), 0,1 g (8,5 gg)
carbohydrate:93 g (100 g), 7,9 g (8,5 gg)
    of which sugars:93 g (100 g), 7,9 g (8,5 gg)
Protein:0 g (100 g), 0 g (8,5 gg)
Salt:1,6 g (100 g), 0,14 g (8,5 gg)

Ingredients + allergens

PEZ Candy - Cola


sugar, glucose syrup, acid (citric acid, tartaric acid (L(+)-)), acidity regulator (sodium citrates), sodium carbonates, fully hydrogenated palm fat, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), flavouring.


Lactose-free & gluten-free.



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