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PEZ Play app: a variety of child-friendly games

The PEZ Play app whisks you away into the digital world, offering both children and the young at heart a range of fun, creative and exciting games for interactive experiences on mobile devices. The whole app is free and there are no ads, and you can access all areas without any limits.


Discover the colourful world of PEZ! You have 23 great games to choose from – from challenging puzzles to fast-paced mini-games. There’s something here for everyone: proving your skills, training your memory, letting your creativity soar, quenching your thirst for action, or simply having fun!


Find games you like by filtering according to level of difficulty. You can now also save the games you enjoy most as favourites to find them even faster – just tap on the heart under the game.


You can have lots of fun with PEZ in real life too. Use the camera on your device to position the PEZ characters next to you, take a fun selfie with one of the PEZ mascots, and share it with your friends.


Enjoy exploring the PEZ Play app!

Here you can see all available games:

Bot Escape
A chance to put your skills to the test: help the PEZ robot to collect bolts of lightning to stop his battery from running out. As long as you keep your finger on the screen, the robot will speed up. To jump, you have to let go and then speed up again for the next jump. Each time you jump, you can collect one or more bolts of lightning.
Stardust Stage
This game is for those of you who love to sing! Choose one of two melodies and arrange the PEZ orchestra however you like on the stage. Then it’s showtime: press record and sing your song accompanied by the PEZ orchestra. You can save your masterpiece and even send it to other people.
Hyper Racer
Calling all adrenalin junkies! In this action-packed game, you fly through different worlds in a spaceship. Collect PEZ candy to go faster, but watch out: there are all sorts of obstacles in your way which you need to avoid. If you crash into them, the game is over. The further you manage to go, the more stars you will earn.
Gyro Boxers
You’re standing uncomfortably at the entrance to a crystal mine surrounded by showering meteorites rolling right at you. Luckily, you’re wearing boxing gloves so you can punch them away.
Ball Rollers
This game calls for a touch of finesse. You see a disc floating around in the atmosphere of the foreign planet. Your little PEZ man is balancing on a ball on this very disc. To move your little PEZ man, you need to carefully tilt the disc. Protect him from the falling meteorites and bring him to safety while collecting PEZ candies.
Pogo Planet
Your little PEZ man and three inhabitants of the foreign planet compete against one another on pogo sticks. Each jump is worth one point. And there’s plenty of bonus points to be had if your little PEZ man is the first to get to one of the falling treasure chests.
Space Showers
Your little PEZ man is flying in a special spaceship. Luckily for you, it’s extremely robust, for this game is all about deflecting falling meteorites with it. But if they smash to the ground, your beautiful spaceship will soon be destroyed.
Tribal Tribulations
In this game, you’ve landed at an ancient place of worship. Your mission is to throw large stones through hoops. The smaller the hoop you hit, the more points you earn.
Panic Puzzlers
This is a game of concentration. You have three seconds to look at a picture before it disappears behind a cloud and reappears cut into pieces. Will you manage to piece the puzzle back together correctly?
Parachute jumping is great fun – but also not without its risks. In this game, your job is to make sure that the little PEZ men avoid all obstacles and dangers they encounter in the air and ultimately land safely. Happy parachuting!
Just like humans, some little PEZ men are more creative than others. And the PEZ painter is one of them. Since the little PEZ men love having their portrait done by him, he receives a fair amount of visitors. Be the artist’s assistant and draw what he tells you to on your screen. Naturally with your finger!
Surf School
A little PEZ man is surfing alone on the high seas. Alone? No, not alone. You’re going to help him cross the ocean. Level the waves to make sure your little PEZ man makes headway without falling into the water. The further your little PEZ man gets, the more points you get. It’s that simple. But be sure to avoid the rocks!
Deep Sea Divers
A boat is rocking on the sea. The little PEZ man inside is out searching for treasure – and you can help him! How? It’s simple: as soon as your PEZ is in the water, lead him past the obstacles while collecting as many treasures as possible along the way. The deeper you dive, the more valuable the treasures – and the more points you can earn!
Memory Match
Even the little PEZ men in the far north like to play memory games. Admittedly, slightly different ones to us: the symbols are hidden behind frozen tiles. Once you have successfully completed a round, new symbols and frozen tiles will appear.
Brain Training
To help the little PEZ men pick fruit, you have to really pay attention in this game. For every fruit has a number and only fruit with certain numbers can be picked. So get to work, but don’t forget to concentrate!
Candy Island
Feed the little PEZ man with the same-coloured candies – be sure to pay attention to the time as well as the colours. Enter your high score when you're done.
Funfair Island
This is where things start to get a little crazy – use the PEZ flavours to change your face and take a funny photo. Share it with your friends on social media.
Builder’s Island
Stack the PEZ candies properly and build the highest tower. The higher the tower and less candies you have left, the harder it will get. Do your best to beat the high score!
Adventure Island
Here you can test and train your level of concentration. Remember the sequence shown on the screen as best you can and try to repeat it. The sequence will keep getting faster and longer – and you only have three lives.
Jungle Island
Jump with your little PEZ man onto the swinging chain at the right time. The more little PEZ men hanging from the chain, the faster the chain will swing and the harder the game will get.
Fashion Island
Dress your PEZ character and take a photo of you and your newly styled little PEZ man. Choose from a range of different styles and accessories and share your favourite photo on social media.
Play Island
Playground Island is all about getting your PEZ man to jump over a rope – with one point being awarded for every jump. But beware – the rope keeps swinging faster, which means you have to react faster so as not to fall over.

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