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Explore the colourful world of PEZ with the PEZ Play app!

Download the PEZ Play app and play entertaining mini games, take funny photos and make your friends laugh by sharing them on social media. The free app is available to download from all app stores.


6 new games have just been added to the app, giving you a total of 13 games to play with. While previously, you could play with the little PEZ men in the jungle, at a fashion show or at the circus, etc., now the little PEZ men are no longer on land but in the water and air: go in search of treasure, surf across the ocean, glide through the air or take a trip to the far north. And don’t forget to take funny photos of you and your little PEZ men along the way and share them with your friends.


How does it work?

Collect the candy codes in packs of PEZ Fruit Mix and scan them with the app. As if by magic, you will receive a key to unlock a new game and a new photo character. Gain access to another game by scanning another candy code or achieving a certain score in the game and thus collecting 3 stars in the high score.


All games are completely child-friendly, but are sure to be a hit with adults, too.


You don't yet have a candy code?

Not to worry! One of the 13 mini games is already unlocked, which means you can start right away! Plus, in the meantime, you can also take funny photos with a little PEZ man. Scanning the candy codes will give you access to not only new games, but new photo characters, too!

Here you can see all available games:

Surfing Island
A little PEZ man is surfing alone on the high seas. Alone? No, not alone. You’re going to help him cross the ocean. Level the waves to make sure your little PEZ man makes headway without falling into the water. The further your little PEZ man gets, the more points you get. It’s that simple. But be sure to avoid the rocks!
Diving Ship
A boat is rocking on the sea. The little PEZ man inside is out searching for treasure – and you can help him! How? It’s simple: as soon as your PEZ is in the water, lead him past the obstacles while collecting as many treasures as possible along the way. The deeper you dive, the more valuable the treasures – and the more points you can earn!
Ice Island
Even the little PEZ men in the far north like to play memory games. Admittedly, slightly different ones to us: the symbols are hidden behind frozen tiles. Once you have successfully completed a round, new symbols and frozen tiles will appear.
Orchard Island
To help the little PEZ men pick fruit, you have to really pay attention in this game. For every fruit has a number and only fruit with certain numbers can be picked. So get to work, but don’t forget to concentrate!
Floating Islands
Parachute jumping is great fun – but also not without its risks. In this game, your job is to make sure that the little PEZ men avoid all obstacles and dangers they encounter in the air and ultimately land safely. Happy parachuting!
Artist Island
Just like humans, some little PEZ men are more creative than others. And the PEZ painter is one of them. Since the little PEZ men love having their portrait done by him, he receives a fair amount of visitors. Be the artist’s assistant and draw what he tells you to on your screen. Naturally with your finger!
Candy Island
Feed the little PEZ man with the same-coloured candies – be sure to pay attention to the time as well as the colours. Enter your high score when you're done.
Funfair Island
This is where things start to get a little crazy – use the PEZ flavours to change your face and take a funny photo. Share it with your friends on social media.
Builder’s Island
Stack the PEZ candies properly and build the highest tower. The higher the tower and less candies you have left, the harder it will get. Do your best to beat the high score!
Adventure Island
Here you can test and train your level of concentration. Remember the sequence shown on the screen as best you can and try to repeat it. The sequence will keep getting faster and longer – and you only have three lives.
Jungle Island
Jump with your little PEZ man onto the swinging chain at the right time. The more little PEZ men hanging from the chain, the faster the chain will swing and the harder the game will get.
Fashion Island
Dress your PEZ character and take a photo of you and your newly styled little PEZ man. Choose from a range of different styles and accessories and share your favourite photo on social media.
Play Island (Bonus Mini Game)
You can start playing the bonus game without having to scan a PEZ candy code. Playground Island is all about getting your PEZ man to jump over a rope – with one point being awarded for every jump. But beware – the rope keeps swinging faster, which means you have to react faster so as not to fall over.
Photo Mode
A little PEZ man is available in photo mode to have his photo taken with you. You can also use this tool without having to scan a candy code. Scanning the candy codes will, however, allow you to unlock additional characters in photo mode. Photos can be shared via social media.
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