Large wedding range now available from PEZ

Choosing the perfect decorations for a wedding reception is often time-consuming and expensive. Now, the cult candy brand PEZ is making this task much easier with its own wedding range. The products combine elegant packaging in a romantic design with the brand’s trademark originality and upbeat attitude. As Gabriele Hofinger (Head of Marketing at PEZ International) explains, the product range was developed in response to customer demand. “Firstly, lots of couples here are now adopting the US custom of having a candy bar at their wedding reception, and PEZ is popular with guests of all ages. In smart packaging, it looks the part at even the most lavish weddings. Secondly, we were seeing people who wanted to use PEZ as part of the decorations at their reception. We were only too happy to develop products which fitted in with these ideas.”


The highlight of the range is a pair of newly-wed dispensers which can be used as cake toppers or instead of place cards. As well as looking great, they give people something to talk to other guests about. This can help to break the ice, especially if they don’t know each other. Used in this way, the dispensers also work as wedding favours and souvenirs for the guests.

Beautifully packaged candy with the slogan Love is sweet make a great addition to the table decorations or candy bar. The Love is sweet candy is cherry-flavoured and comes in tubs of 150 refills.

The product range also includes fizzy hearts in packaging with the words True Love. These are ideal for candy bars and perfect gifts for any children who are invited to the wedding.

Pairs of PEZ dispensers packaged in attractive boxes make a wonderful present for newly-weds. They are also an original way to present gifts of money, which can be slipped inside. The sets are available in three different combinations: two brides, two bridegrooms, or the classic combination of a bride and a bridegroom. Just like in real life, all of these pairings are possible with PEZ.


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