44 Cats - friends on velvet paws

The four kittens Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Meatball take shelter with friendly Granny Pina. They form a band called the Buffycats and turn Granny Pina’s garage into a clubhouse. Here they make music, play together and chill. Every now and then, all 44 cats in the neighbourhood meet up in the clubhouse to have fun, discuss things or plan the next adventure.


The Italian series is aimed at preschoolers. It’s exciting, funny and to some extent educational – because it shows the importance of being friendly and helpful. And to ensure there’s no shortage of magic, the four friends have special powers – thanks to Granny Pina’s secret cat food recipe.


Lampo, Milady and Meatball will be available in stores as PEZ dispensers towards the end of the year. And because people all over the world love cats, not only fans of the series are expected to be delighted.



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