L.O.L. Surprise: The PEZ surprise range

When PEZ signed a licensing agreement with L.O.L. Surprise just over a year ago, it soon became clear that this was an opportunity for PEZ to fulfil a long-held dream: to create a surprise range in which the dispensers are hidden inside the packaging – an all-time first in the long history of PEZ. The idea struck a chord with the target group – probably because the element of surprise plays a key role in the original L.O.L. Surprise characters, too. The little dolls are hidden inside balls wrapped in several layers of packaging. As each layer is unwrapped, the excitement increases as to which character is hidden in the centre of the ball. Plus, some of the characters appear frequently, some appear less frequently, while others are rare finds. This ignites the passion of the target group of collectors – girls aged between 5 and 13 – and has helped make L.O.L. Surprise one of the top-selling toys in the world.


PEZ has continued along the same lines: out of a total of nine different dispensers, three were assigned to each frequency category.


This autumn’s line-up will feature a whole new set of characters. To make it easier to choose between the L.O.L. Surprise collection of 2019 and 2020, the little box in which the dispenser heads are hidden will be turquoise – rather than pink, like last year – guaranteeing another wave of frenzy amongst collectors.



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