Sometimes, periods of financial distress can turn out to be strokes of luck. As in the case of Danish fisherman and woodworker Thomas Dam, who invented the first troll doll in the late 1950s as a Christmas present for his daughter based on the tales of mythical Nordic creatures. His daughter’s classmates were so taken by the strange doll that Dam began to series produce it. The first trolls were made with glass eyes and hair from sheep’s wool. However, increasing success called for more effective production methods leading to the replacement of the wooden body with a plastic version. The most amazing thing about the trolls’ breakthrough is that they prove you don’t need to be perfect or the ideal proportions to be highly successful.


After securing the film rights for Trolls in 2011, Dreamworks released the first animated film featuring the merry mythical creatures in cinemas in 2016. It was a resounding success, leading to a Netflix series in 2018. Now the second cinema adventure is set to hit the big screen in late March. As with the first film, the focus is on vibrant colours and lots of music. While on a world tour, Queen Poppy and Branch discover that there are five other troll tribes. Each tribe is devoted to a different kind of music and generally lives in peace and harmony. Things start to get dangerous, however, when the hard rock tribe learns of the existence of the other tribes. For their leader, Queen Barb, and her father, King Thrash (voiced by Ozzy Osbourne in the original), set out to destroy all other music genres except hard rock. As you might expect, Queen Poppy and her friends decide to do something about it – naturally, in their kind-hearted way, including the odd customary hug or two. Cheerfulness, harmony and diversity will ultimately prevail!


The trio of friends – Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond – and rock Queen Barb are now available in stores as PEZ dispensers. The dispenser colours are just as bright as the films, helping to spread their cheer.



Copyright for images: DreamWorks Trolls © 2020 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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