Marvel's biggest heroes

Where would Marvel be today without Stan Lee and Jack Kirby? The creative duo who – partly together and partly with others – created comics that will likely remain part of the Marvel universe forever more. Jack Kirby was not only a fantastic illustrator with an unmistakable flair for the structure and pace of a story, he was also unbelievably industrious – sometimes completing over 100 pages in a single month! Over the course of his life, he developed hundreds of characters, many of which are now legendary. He is regarded by comic fans all over the world as one of the greatest comic artists of all time – and with good reason.


Amongst others, Stan Lee was an author for Marvel. He is largely responsible for comic characters no longer being purely one-dimensional and developing increasingly complex feelings and behavioural characteristics. The best example of this is Spider-Man, who is a true superhero with super powers when he is wearing his spider costume but is a rather unpopular, extremely shy yet super intelligent boy called Peter Parker. This contrast is precisely what draws readers in and helps them identify with the hero in one way or another.


This spring will see the release of a new PEZ Spider-Man dispenser – plus a whole lot more: superheroes Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America will also be part of the action. For all these characters have one thing in common: either Stan Lee or Jack Kirby was involved in their creation. Something for which their fan base will surely be eternally grateful.



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