Stylish Mickey & Minnie

In 1962, PEZ founder Eduard Haas III signed a contract that would significantly shape the future of the brand: a contract with Walt Disney that granted PEZ permission to use the great master’s already popular comic figures as PEZ dispenser heads. Later that year, when the first Donald and Mickey dispensers hit the shelves, it soon became clear that Haas had a good nose for business – the new Disney PEZ dispensers literally flew off the shelves.


The partnership between Disney and PEZ has remained strong to this day, with a number of different Mickey ranges being released throughout the years: some with colourful accessories, some with a colourful new outfit, some classic, some retro. This year, the couple are set to make a grand entrance: Mickey in a black tuxedo with a white bow tie and Minnie in a matching turquoise dress with a string of pearls and a large bow on her head. A more casual version is available for those who prefer something a bit less elegant, with Minnie in pink and Mickey in red with mouse prints. After all, we all need an outfit for every occasion.



Copyright for images: © Disney.


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