Limited Edition: Panda PEZ

For the third time this year, PEZ is keeping up with the latest trends and turning a hot topic into a limited-edition dispenser collection primarily aimed at youngsters and adults. This time around, it’s an adorable panda couple, who will be available in a strictly limited edition.

But what is it about panda bears that people find so cute? Well, people just tend to love all types of bears, with their round ears and fluffy fur. However, as you know, it’s best to keep your distance from most bears, especially the carnivorous or omnivorous kind, which can slay humans if hungry or angry enough.

But pandas are different. Since they mainly only eat bamboo, they’re virtually vegetarians. The way they sit and eat is also really cute. The black fur around their eyes makes them appear larger, giving them almost childlike characteristics – which instinctively make people want to defend and protect them. Nevertheless, as with all wild animals, you should keep your distance from pandas, too. The possibility of encountering one in the wild is virtually nil, however, as the panda population is limited to a few subtropical hillsides in China.

This makes it all the better that PEZ is set to release a limited Panda edition this spring – so you can easily take the cuddly creatures home with you. They’re sure to be easy-care. The female panda looks very noble in a gold crown.

And because bamboo just wouldn’t taste good in PEZ candies, the PEZ Panda collection features nashi pear flavour. Nashi pears come from China and look like a cross between an apple and a pear. They primarily taste of pear with a hint of apple. As to whether pandas would actually eat nashi pears – probably, given that zoo pandas also eat bananas.



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